Max Gets Kinky

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Jan 302013

Max Carter captures Christian Rae who finds himself bent over in a dark room. Max is the master of Christian's tender ass as he spanks him harder and harder. Christian's smooth butt becomes red and enflamed after Max's brutal punishment. Christian is left tied up and bent over when Max if finally satisfied.

Hayden Spanks Luke

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Jan 162013

Luke Allen sucked today so Coach Hayden Clark punishes the young boy corporal style. After a few swats of the hand Coach brings out the paddle and spanks little Luke's smooth bum until it's red hot.

Max Spanks Brant

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Jan 022013

Bad boy Brant turns klepto and steals a wallet from passerby Max Carter. Now it's time for paybacks with a harsh spanking and forced cock sucking.

Dec 142012

Kyler Ash gets a hard handed lesson for lingering in the bathroom from Christian Collins. Kyler doesn't seem to mind it all that much when Christian interrupts his jack-off session. Christian spanks the Helix boy's soft and smooth butt cheeks until bright red.

Nov 142012

Christian Collins is the boss of Jasper Robinson and he is not happy with his performance or at least he's pretending to be unhappy so he can get his big hard hands on Jasper's naughty boy ass cheeks. Christian delivers a hard spanking lesson to Jasper's smooth behind then delivers a big hard cock and load down Jasper's throat.

Jeff Spanks Twink

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Sep 042012

The naughty twinks are at it again, smoking and disobeying the requests of Jeff. Well it's time to pay up by giving up their ASSets to the dominate Sterne hand.

Jeff Spanks Sam

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Aug 212012

There's no sleeping in for Sam on a Saturday as far as Jeff Sterne is concerned, so his lazy ass is punished appropriately. Sterne paddles the boy's smooth ass over his tighty-whities for a long while the gets the hard hand spank treatment on his smooth bare bottom.

Jul 102012

Nicholas Leoni is called back for a second hard spank from Jeff Sterne. Sterne gives Nicholas the special hand treatment and breaks out the punishing leather paddle.